No Internet Explorer in EU with Windows 7

Giving a harsh reply to the anti-trust by European Union, Microsoft has decided that it will not provide any browser in Windows 7.

Suppliers can still provide customers with IE 8 or other browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera installed. But Microsoft will not bundle Internet Explorer in their original package. So get a copy of Windows 7 in EU from stores and see if the below scenario matches yours…

Imagine booting up freshly installed Windows 7 operating system, just to find that there’s no browser to get online. What the heck?? You run to a friend to get on his system running Linux, XP, Vista or Mac OSX. Just to tell the reason you dont have ay browser. You need to download it from his computer. You get the browser in your flash drive get back home and then get installing the latest drivers. Not much of time wasted for me, because I don’t live in the European Union. But those who live, will definitely curse either EU or Microsoft or both.