Facing problems with WordPress

No CSS loading in wordpress dashboard

No CSS loading in wordpress dashboard

Though WordPress is among the best blogging platforms on the earth, I have been facing problems with it since quite a long time. Whenever I get to loging to WordPress it starts up, after logging in, nothing works. I have also faced the same problem when I open my blog or any other blog hosted on WordPress.

The HTML of Dashboard loads completely, but CSS does not load. When I press the ‘Esc’ (Escape) key, the page loading stops and everything line up vertically. It’s quite painful to get things that way, and I opt to logout instead of posting anything. I didn’t contact the people at WordPress regarding my problem.

I am using Firefox 3 and face these problems. The problem occurs sometimes and not always. Whenever I have something to post and I face this problem I dont post anything, I just save a copy of it on my hard-drive to post it later. Hey this post has been posted as everything is working fine.

Do you face any such problems with wordpress or are unable to read a blog?? Do tell me so that I can get in conatct with WordPress easily.