GATE 2011 Answer Key

GATE 2011 Answer key for following branches is available:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Production Engineering

Download link available at Technology Mash.


32 and 22 nm at Intel Developer Forum

1 billion+ transistors, that is what is possible with the newer 32nm fabrication process showcased at the Intel Developer Forum. ‘Westmere’ products based on 32nm are expected by this year.

There was also a showcase of 22nm SRAM fabricated chip. Intel is also working with 32nm for Atom processors to reduce the power requirements to the level of ARM processors.

32 nm Arrandale can run encryptions accelerated by hardware AES instructions. This enables faster encryption without the overheads of software processing of encryption instructions.

I wish they make the execution speed of Atom processor equal to about desktop Core2 series processor.

Nvidia Tegra

Battery life of 25 days of music and 10 hours of 1080p video playback. This is what Nvidia Tegra is built for. Tegra called ‘System on a chip’ i.e ‘computer on a chip’ processor is from the graphics giant Nvidia.

Ilustration of Nvidia Tegra

Ilustration of Nvidia Tegra

It has a CPU i.e ARM 11 processor, GPU, northbridge, southbridge and memory controller all integrated onto a single package with size smaller than a coin. The graphics processor supports Open GL 2.0 and 3D acceleration. It also support 3G, WiFi and WiMax for the ‘always-on’ computing experience. Nvidia is also targetting a subwatt(<1W) power usage for the chip.

Internal architecture of a Nvidia Tegra chip

Internal architecture of a Nvidia Tegra chip

Nvidia is will release two class of Tegra devices, Tegra 600 Series and Tegra APX series.

  • The key features of Tegra 600 series are:Up to 1080p HD video playback
  • Ultra-low-power GeForce GPU for intuitive and smooth 3D user interfaces
  • Integrated media processor for over 100 hours audio and 10 hours HD video playback
  • Image processor with advanced DSC and HD camcorder processing
  • Connectivity to support Web 2.0 and social media applications
  • Display support for up to 1080p HDMI, WSXGA+ LCD, SXGA CRT, and NTSC/PAL TV-Out

The key features of Tegra APX series are:

  • 720p HD video capture and playback
  • Lowest power for demanding applications like 720p HD video
  • 3D user interface
  • HD video playback
  • Ability to access visually intensive applications like mapping and gaming

Nvidia is working with Google and Open Handset Alliance to use Android OS on Nvidia Tegra. Microsoft has announced Zune HD that will run on Nvidia Tegra for better video quality and battery life. Samsung annonced that is working on a Tegra based phone. Nvidia is expecting use of Tegra processor in Mobile Internet Devices(MID) and Netbooks.

For more specifications on Nvidia Tegra visit Wikipedia.

The main thing I’m thinking about is will be perfect for an Home Theatre PC (HTPC) setup? Will it be able to replace the Nvidia Ion Platform?

Facing problems with WordPress

No CSS loading in wordpress dashboard

No CSS loading in wordpress dashboard

Though WordPress is among the best blogging platforms on the earth, I have been facing problems with it since quite a long time. Whenever I get to loging to WordPress it starts up, after logging in, nothing works. I have also faced the same problem when I open my blog or any other blog hosted on WordPress.

The HTML of Dashboard loads completely, but CSS does not load. When I press the ‘Esc’ (Escape) key, the page loading stops and everything line up vertically. It’s quite painful to get things that way, and I opt to logout instead of posting anything. I didn’t contact the people at WordPress regarding my problem.

I am using Firefox 3 and face these problems. The problem occurs sometimes and not always. Whenever I have something to post and I face this problem I dont post anything, I just save a copy of it on my hard-drive to post it later. Hey this post has been posted as everything is working fine.

Do you face any such problems with wordpress or are unable to read a blog?? Do tell me so that I can get in conatct with WordPress easily.

Google Chrome Operating System

Almost nine months after the launch of Google Chrome, Google has now announced to release Google Chrome Operating System. Chrome will be an open-source operating system and is mainly targeted towards netbooks.

As in the browser Chrome, ‘speed, simplicity and security’ will be the key aspects that Google will address. Starting from the basics, the security architecture will be redesigned to prevent malwares and virus attacks.

Chrome OS will work on both x86 and ARM chips. As quoted by Google, Chrome OS will have a new windowing system on top of a Linux kernel. Thus applications will have to be written using web technologies. It seems that everyrhing in Chrome OS will be running within a browser.

Like their browser, Google aims at keeping the user interface of Chrome OS to the minimal. Maybe this will be the fact that might drive more people to Chrome OS. It seems that it will be difficult to use games in chrome, since applications will be written using web technologies. From the description from Google’s Blog, the OS seems to be targeted at the most basic computer users who just check mails, surf the web and mainly is targeted towards netbooks. Netbooks running on Chrome OS might be available by second half of 2010.

Lets see if Chrome becomes a competition for Linux, Mac or Windows OS or it gets onto your desktop as another option to boot into when necessary. As far as I see the biggest competition to Linux kernel based Chrome OS are Windows 7 (based on Windows NT kernel), Mac OS X (based on XNU kernel) and Ubuntu (based on Linux kernel).

There were some photos of leaked Chrome OS doing rounds on the internet, but all were fake.

Native Multitouch in Linux

Using computer with Linux kernel 2.6.30, Broadcom 5974, Stantum, NTrig or DiamondTouch surface, ENAC developers developed a Linux touchscreen computer. Top it up with effects from Compiz and you feel the desktop in your hand. Water effect makes the feel of actually touching water except for the fact that it’s hard.

See the demo below to feel the capabilities of  a Linux Touchscreen desktop.

The demo code works as follows:

  1. It reads input directly from the device file (“/dev/input/eventX”). (The X server is not involved in input handling at this stage.)
  2. The demo performs very simple gesture recognition then send DBus messages to Compiz to produce effects.

For more information and for source code visit

No Internet Explorer in EU with Windows 7

Giving a harsh reply to the anti-trust by European Union, Microsoft has decided that it will not provide any browser in Windows 7.

Suppliers can still provide customers with IE 8 or other browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Opera installed. But Microsoft will not bundle Internet Explorer in their original package. So get a copy of Windows 7 in EU from stores and see if the below scenario matches yours…

Imagine booting up freshly installed Windows 7 operating system, just to find that there’s no browser to get online. What the heck?? You run to a friend to get on his system running Linux, XP, Vista or Mac OSX. Just to tell the reason you dont have ay browser. You need to download it from his computer. You get the browser in your flash drive get back home and then get installing the latest drivers. Not much of time wasted for me, because I don’t live in the European Union. But those who live, will definitely curse either EU or Microsoft or both.